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Energy Efficiency

Windows are typically the most inefficient part of a home or building, allowing in the sun’s heat during the summer and allowing manmade heat to escape in the winter. 3M Window Films can reduce those inefficiencies to create a more comfortable and economic environment. In fact, 3M’s Thinsulate Climate Control 75 Window Film is like adding an extra pane of glass to your window.

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Safety & Security

Windows are not only inefficient, they are usually the most vulnerable part of your home or building. 3M Scotchshield Safety & Security Window Films can address the vulnerabilities of a window by helping to hold broken glass in place. They help you to protect people, property, and continuity of operations.

  • Strengthening existing glass
  • Helping to hold broken glass in one sheet and delay intruder entry (active shooter, burglar, etc.)
  • Helping to prevent injury in the event of a natural disaster or bombing

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Automotive Solutions

If you’re looking to restyle, enhance, or protect your vehicle, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you tint your car’s windows (3M Ceramic IR Window Film), protect your car’s paint from rock chips (3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film), make your car's paint easier to clean and maintain (3M Ceramic Coating), and protect your windshield from cracking (Bray Windshield Skin).

  • Increase driver and passenger comfort
  • Improve safety while on the road
  • Reduce maintenance expense by protecting your vehicle exterior against grime, dirt, chips and scratches
  • Improve trade-in value of your vehicle
  • Customize your car’s color and design

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Decorative Refresh

Aesthetics are important in any office environment. But keeping up with modern design trends is costly and renovation construction can be disruptive to business and building operations. 3M offers various value-engineered solutions such as Fasara / Dusted Crystal Glass Privacy Films and DI-NOC Architectural Finishes to refresh existing office space.

  • At a fraction of the cost of traditional renovation
  • With minimal downtime and disruption of regular work activities
  • With a design completely customized to your style and desired level of privacy.

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Decorative Finishes to
Refresh Any Surface

3M Company offers affordable and convenient options to refresh nearly any surface in commercial or school buildings. 3M Decorative Glass Finishes transform plain glass into a visual spectacle for privacy or enhanced aesthetics. 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes simulate a variety of natural and synthetic materials and can be installed on interior or exterior non-porous surfaces. Within an hour we can transform a damaged, dated surface into something that looks virtually new.

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Control heat, light, and aesthetics as well as convert non-tempered glass to tempered in just a matter of minutes.

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Interior Designers

Protect the furniture, floors, and other fabrics that you specify from fading.

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Property Managers

Enhance the curb appeal of your building, reduce operating costs, protect people and property, and help ensure continuity of operations.

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Decrease a window's SHGC and U Values to save your clients money while improving their building's Energy Star Portfolio Manager score.

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Reinforce exterior and interior glass to help prevent unauthorized entry by an active shooter and allow emergency personnel more time to respond.

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Control heat, light, and aesthetics as well as convert non-tempered glass to tempered in just a matter of minutes.

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