Property Managers

3M Solutions for Managed Buildings

As an individual with the responsibility of managing commercial property, you may be looking for ways to increase the energy efficiency, security, or aesthetics of your building(s). 3M Company, makers of Post-it® Notes and Scotch® Tape, offers multiple solutions to these ends. Watch the video below to learn how 3M window films can be effectively used in office buildings to address a variety of concerns.


Learn the Secret to Tenant Retention

Tenants decide to leave for a variety of reasons, some of which are out of your control. On the other hand, some common causes of tenants vacating are very much within your realm of control.

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Protect Furnishings From Fading

Energy Efficiency & Tenant Comfort

3M Window Films increase the energy efficiency of a building’s window by reducing its Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and U Value. 3M Thinsulate Window Film can essentially turn single pane glass into double pane, double pane glass into triple pane, and non-Low E glass into Low E, all at a fraction of the cost of glass replacement. Other benefits include:

01. Reduce utility bills by up to 10%
02. Reduce temperatures by up to 16°F
03. Earn up to 11 LEED points
04. Improve ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager™ Score by up to 10 points (relevant for building benchmarking)
05. Eligible for utility rebates and PACE funding
06. Help meet carbon footprint reduction mandates

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If you’re contemplating building upgrades, consider improving the efficiency of your window system before your HVAC system. Often envelope upgrades such as window film are overlooked and owners jump right to optimizing their HVAC system. If you create a more efficient building envelope before HVAC improvements, you can downsize your HVAC equipment in the future, enabling you to reach the maximum possible performance for your investment.

Increase Privacy and Filter Harsh Light


Case Study

Energy Upgrade at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Cleveland, Ohio's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame gets an upgrade with 3M Prestige Exterior Sun Control Window Film. The benefits of their new window film include better temperature regulation, 8-12% estimated energy savings, and reduced load on their HVAC systems.

Protect Furnishings From Fading

Case Study

Improving Energy Efficiency of New York City Buildings

New York City has pledged to reduce its energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by the year 2030. 3M Window Films are a key part of this initiative, helping to improve the energy efficiency of New York's buildings by up to 10%.


Tenant & Building Security

If you’re trying to protect people, property, and continuity of operations from the unknown (active shooter, terrorism, hurricanes, earthquakes, vandalism) 3M Safety & Security Window Films can address a building’s most vulnerable point – its glass.

If you’re responsible for managing street level retail space then you might have tenants worried about breaking and entering. You can help limit their worries by installing 3M Safety & Security Film on the ground floor windows to help to hold broken glass in place, making unwanted entry through glass more difficult.

If your building is a potential terrorist target or located near one, a bomb blast can pose a major threat to the safety of building occupants. Nearby glass implodes in tiny shards at high velocities and is a major threat to person and property. 3M Safety & Security Film helps to hold that broken glass in place and increase the safety of those nearby.

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Refresh & Modernize Office Space

The ability to attract new and retain existing tenants is very much based on a building’s aesthetics, inside and outside. Design trends change, people’s tastes change, and keeping up with those changes to maintain high occupancy rates can be costly with construction renovations. But it doesn’t have to be.

3M Architectural Finishes allow you to refresh, renew, and rejuvenate your office space without the high cost associated with construction projects. How 3M accomplishes this end is simple – we reuse existing materials but give them a new skin. For example, we can take an existing office door and give it new life in an hour, all without the high cost and disruption to tenants. Other examples of opportunity include:

Curtainwall Glass

Interior Glass (conference rooms and offices)






Wall Panels

Ceiling Panels


Elevator Cabs & Doors

Keep your building beautiful without inconveniencing your tenants. 3M Architectural Finishes give you hundreds of cost-efficient ways to replace outdated finishes and refresh your space — with minimal down time, noise, and dust.

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Transform Your Space with Post-it® Flex Write Surface

Permanent marker is no problem on 3M's new Post-it® Flex Write Surface. You can use permanent and dry erase markers, and both can be cleaned off without leaving stains thanks to incredible new technology. Perfect for inspiring collaboration in offices, conference rooms, and schools.

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