Layers of Security: Protecting Your Commercial Property

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A lot goes into successfully maintaining a commercial property, whether you’re a business owner leasing a space, a property manager, facilities manager, or commercial property owner. Not only do you invest money, but you also invest a lot of time and effort into your property. With this in mind, the …

3M Window Film: Comprehensive Solution, Easy Installation

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Investing in window film is a decision that will benefit you and your space in more ways than one. Whether you want to increase security, improve energy efficiency, or enhance interiors, there are a multitude of window film solutions available. One of the most notable benefits of window film that …

Improving Schools with 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes

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Our environment has a more significant impact on us than we often realize. Where we work, live, and learn can shape our ability to focus, relax, and thrive. With this in mind, a school environment should be a space that cultivates learning and creates feelings of excitement and joy to …

3M Security Film: A Good Solution to Maximize the Security of Your Space

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Windows are highly valued because they allow natural light to flow freely into your space and showcase outdoor views. Unfortunately, windows are also one of the most vulnerable areas of the building envelope, making your space susceptible to break-ins and damage from inclement weather. While one could simply limit the …

School Safety Grants Fund 3M Window Film for Enhanced Security

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School is a place where both students and faculty members should feel safe and comfortable so they can focus on what matters most: education. However, over the past decade, violence in schools is something that we hear about far too often. In fact, in the last ten years, there have …

How Window Film Earns LEED Credits & Increases the Energy Star Score of Your Building

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As a property manager, you likely recognize that your building’s energy efficiency is equally as important to you as it is to your tenants. While we focus globally on improving energy efficiency to help the environment, other important factors drive the desire to be energy efficient in our buildings. Investing …

Transform Classroom Learning with 3M Post-it Flex Write Surface

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In school, students rely on teachers to thoroughly and effectively teach, demonstrate, and explain the curriculum in a multitude of ways. In fact, the effectiveness of an instructor’s teaching style is often a determining factor in students’ overall success. While there are auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners,